With 30 years’ experience on the market, GRUPO ARDAN, under the direction of Miguel Geraldes Cardoso (MSc Engineer), combines a solid engineering and construction experience with an extensive capacity to manage all matters related to property. The GROUP's objective is to provide a comprehensive and coordinated response on the objectives of its Clients.

ARDAN ENGINEERING has a large commercial portfolio hosting institutional clients - such as CGD - Caixa Geral de Depósitos, INH - National Housing Institute, the Faculty of Law of Lisbon - and private individuals - such as NCO, Fincor, Labrador, Salvador Caetano , Montepio Geral, among others.

Furthermore maintains active and regular collaboration with highly prestigious Architecture and Engineering Designers and Offices, both national - Gapres, Hidroprojecto, Lusotecna, LM, Partex, Tecnoplano, Tetractys -, as well as from other countries - Smits van Burgst / Holand, Parsons / United States of America, Oscar Faber / United Kingdom, Thyssen / Spain.



With a diverse personal background he started his studies at the Lycée Français Charles Lepierre, in Lisbon, which allowed him access to Portuguese and French cultures, later getting is degree (MSE) in Electric Engineering at the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST). Throughout his life he acquired diversified training in civil construction (Falcão Bauer, São Paulo, Brazil), Law (two post-graduate courses at the Faculty of Law of Lisbon, FDUL) and Management (post-graduate course at Instituto Superior de Gestão, ISEG).

He had professional activity in three continents. In São Paulo, Brazil, he was in charge of supervising the construction of 50 schools across the State. In Africa Mozambique, as consultant to local General Directorate of Energy, inserted in a World Bank program, and in Algeria as TPF Algérie’s CEO / Directeur General responsible for all the local railway projects’ management ( and others) with a chiffre d’affaires > 50 million euros. Finally, in Portugal with intense and diversified activity in the field of project coordination and engineering consultancy in sectors as diverse as Airports, Manufacturing Units and Buildings.

He created and directs the companies Ardan-Serviços, Projectos e Gestão, Lda (Engineering, Consulting and Project Coordination), Ardan Property Management (Building Management and Real Estate Activity) and Ardan Power Solutions (Power Generation Systems). It also acquired the company NAVERIL- Soc.Belgo-Portuguesa de Comércio Industrial, Lda, dedicated to International Trade, mainly in the Defense, Navy and Railways sector.

Throughout his career he provided services to important companies and offices (Partex-CPS, TPF, LMSA, Tecnoplano, S.A., FASE, S.A., Technip / Lusotecna, Regino Cruz, Nuno Leónidas, António Barreiros Ferreira – Tetractys and other).


Turn-Key Projects

Integrated Project and Construction Management

Engineering Consulting
Multi-disciplinary projects

Buildings and Factories

Work’s Supervision
Building Maintenance

Able on multidisciplinary action and an approach focused on identifying the real needs of customers, ARDAN ENGINEERING always seeks to present the most appropriate technical response to the needs in the field of Engineering.

Responding to specific needs, or following up on complete projects, ARDAN ENGINEERING's activity starts with consulting and project development and accompanies customers through the complete cycle of the work and its final delivery.



ARDAN ENGINEERING offers a multi-disciplinary team of Engineers and Architects willing to listen to your needs and ideas, having the competence to create the solutions you are looking for, within the parameters you need. The vast experience of our teams allows not only to add technical advantages but also to prevent errors and omissions, giving life to reliable quality projects.




ARDAN ENGINEERING first of all wants to listen to your needs. Our consultancy is the result of a careful analysis on real situations, searching for objectives and knowing the limitations of our customers in technical, legal and financial terms. The result is an opinion that truly clarifies and allows, in a practical and concrete way, the implementation of the solutions that our customers are looking for.




For ARDAN ENGINEERING Project Management is the only way to obtain the expected results without surprises or setbacks. An effective Project Management will never be the passive progress monitoring of the works. ARDAN practices a proactive Management allowing a priori the correct integration on different constituent disciplines and thus presenting the best guarantee of quality on the work done and an effective cost control. We argue that a project is the joint work starting with the Design and ending at the user, so the complete and unique management of the process from A to Z is essential.




In the Supervision department, ARDAN ENGINEERING strongly wants to represent the customer’s interests, filtered by a deep technical knowledge on each project’s specific areas. We have specialized professional teams for the strict monitoring of your investment, which produce complete and comprehensive reports to support all interventions and corrections.


In fact, Ardan's services extend even further. Through the ARDAN POWER SOLUTIONS division, the company provides an extensive range of equipment and services related to energy solutions. From Microcogeneration, to Solar Power Plants and Waste Burning, Ardan exclusively represents innovative and revolutionary systems.